blukid specializes in the development of quick loading, intuitive, user centered online experiences based upon a minimal design aesthetic which serves to clarify content and sustain viewer interest. 'blukid, bringing order to information'.™

blukid produces and incorporates essential social media components into your online presence and monitors and maintains them, allowing you to 'generate interest, exchange concepts and transfer perceptions'.™

A singular vision regarding initial intrigue, extended evaluation and steady withdrawal. Flashes of specific images provide focus while related and duplicate visions simultaneously shift at multiple speeds and in opposing directions, evoking the tenuous, transforming nature of relationships. Sounds from nature, localized as well as reference audio sources combined with atonal resonance convey a myriad of emotions and outline the relationship structure. These transitional moments (drive) allow us to examine incomplete, and at times inconceivable, interconnections between ourselves and others.

#video  #vision  #intrigue  #relationships  #audio  #emotion  #transition  #drive  #connections  

Posted 17th December, 2010
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