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“It’s not a question of whether the glass is half full or half empty but rather if there is anything in the glass worth drinking.”
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… it was a rainy night … 3 years ago / 1 notes
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Enjoying virtual vino in SL. Rioja, Chianti y Tempranillo … 3 years ago / 3 notes
Barrio Chino, Tequilas y Antojitos, Broome Street, LES / NYC 3 years ago / 5 notes
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“generate interest, exchange concepts and transfer perceptions.™”
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“blukid, bringing order to information.™”
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Aside from casual users who tweet about their inane daily activities there are professional Social Media Promoters hard at work attempting to gain followers for their clients and influence casual users. These advocates are now often competing with each other in a way that shifts the focus from the client and or business to themselves by attempting to craft a more personal and engaging twitter voice at the expense of focused content. The end result is more ‘noise’ and diluted content rather than concise targeted information.An analogy provided by an average Twitter user clarifies my point. When signing up to receive email from a business and/or topic of interest you expect to receive info on that specific business and/or topic. When you receive something either loosely associated and/or completely unrelated it’s simply spam and time to unsubscribe from that list. The same holds true for Twitter. When tweets lose sharp focus it’s time to unfollow. This is where following those who tend to retweet only the strongly related, actionable materials becomes a good alternative as such users act as twitter ‘spam’ filters. 3 years ago / 2 notes
As business owners become more savvy with respect to Social Media the new breed of ‘Social Media Consultants’ will be exposed as mere salesmen lacking the design background, multimedia capabilities and technical knowledge required to produce an effective online presence. Find a single source who understands Social Media from both technical and marketing standpoints or a collaborative team with strengths in both areas. 3 years ago / 14 notes
Chefs Cook For Japan to benefit the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Hosted by Masaharu Morimoto @ The Harvard Club, NYC, Wednesday, May 18th, 2011. 3 years ago / 9 notes
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CYBERDYNE Inc., Robot Suit HAL is a cyborg-type robot that can expand and improve physical capability. Suit up! 5 years ago / 21 notes
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